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Areas to Support
In collaboration with Banner Health,
WISP raises awareness of women's
and family health issues through
education and philanthropic support.

Women Inspiring Scientific Progress, known as WISP, is a giving circle dedicated to health issues affecting women and their families, including Alzheimer's disease and care giving. We aspire to be the premier organization of women leaders in Arizona focused on providing education and resources to promote women's health. Download a flyer about WISP.

Members pool their gifts and decide together how best to invest funds in Banner Health programs important to women and their families. With an annual online gift of $1,000 at, members receive:

  • Voting privileges at the WISP Investment Meeting.
  • Invitations to all WISP luncheons, educational sessions, and special events throughout the year.
  • Networking opportunities with women interested in health, disease prevention, and care giving.
  • Educational sessions with experts in medicine, health care, and biomedical research.
  • Invitations to Banner Health Foundation signature events.
  • The WISP quarterly e-newsletter.

WISP Membership

Executive Committee

Suzanne Hensing, President
Lois Zachary, Secretary
Mary Joy Stead, Treasurer
Alison Lewis, Membership
Phyllis Kirk, Events
Judi Goldfader, Events


Rebecca Ailes-Fine
Michelle Arndt
Natalie Atri
Marion Auray
Connie Binns
Connie Boker
Oonagh Boppart
Diane Cantile
Lauren Crawford
Carol Dillon
Pat Elder
Ardie Evans
Jamie Fitzgerald
Amy Flood
Ginger Gipson 

Lora Golke
Judi Goldfader
Stephanie Goodman
Terri Gould
Meighan Harahan
Suzanne Hensing
Suzi Hilton
Leah Hoover
Phyllis Kirk
Gretchen Kinsella
Stacy Klibanoff
Ina Smeets-Kort
Julie Lavidge
Alison Lewis
Theresa Lioce

Linda Mueller
Carol Norman
Andy Kramer Petersen
Hazel Richards
Michelle Schechner
Joette Schmidt
Mary Joy Stead
Jo Taulbee-Flittie
Heidi Teets
Nancy Teets
Barbara Thompson
Alisa Timm
Beth Whiteley 
Kathy Wills
Lois Zachary