Cancer specialist receives 10th Banner Health Hero recognition from grateful patients


Joseph Klein is extremely grateful
to Dr. Jiaxin Niu, (pictured left) for
saving his life.

A new cancer diagnosis and the obstacles faced during treatment can feel overwhelming. Head and lung cancers remain some of the most difficult to treat, yet this challenge draws Dr. Jiaxin Niu, Co-Director of the Lung Cancer program and Associate Director of the Head and Neck Cancer program at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, to his work and to his patients. His goal: make a difference in each patient’s life.

“While I am a cancer doctor, I do not treat cancer, but rather a person with cancer,” says Dr. Niu. “I want my patients to feel I care for them just as I care for my family members.”

Dr. Niu is frequently recognized and appreciated by his patients for his philosophy of care, his compassionate approach, and his dedication. This month, Dr. Niu received his 10th Banner Health Hero award from a grateful patient in his care.

“Any honor bestowed on Dr. Jiaxin Niu is beyond well-deserved,” says Joseph Klein, a patient of Dr. Niu’s who was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer known as metastatic Salivary Duct Carcinoma. “As a recovered cancer patient, I can say without hesitation that his degree of knowledge, expertise and experience as a hematologist is of the highest order and I feel blessed to have had him as the ‘team leader’ in my postoperative cancer treatment at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. Words cannot begin to express my undying gratitude, as I literally owe my life to Dr. Niu and his entire team of health care heroes.”

The Banner Health Hero program provides grateful patients like Joseph a way to honor their doctor, nurse, or caregiver as their “hero” by making a philanthropic gift. The gift supports the patient program, fund, or research area of their choosing to enhance health care across Arizona while encouraging their hero in the process. Heroes are then recognized by their supervisors and celebrated by their peers for their excellence in care.

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