Donors band together for greater impact


Patient Assistance Fund
Like gifts to the general funds of
other Banner entities, donations
to the Banner Home Care and
Hospice General Fund have an
impact, in this case, empowering
music therapists to spread the
joy of music.

When you choose to donate to a specific Banner Health facility, you also have the choice of designating that facility's general fund for your gift. Each year, dollars in these general funds are used for special initiatives and projects that impact the care and services that patients receive. Here are some examples of how, banded together in a general fund, donations can have an even greater effect.

Striking a chord for more impact

Donations to the Banner Home Care and Hospice general fund empower music therapists Tammy Reiver and Kristin Fray to spread the joy of music even further. Bringing guitars and keyboards, mini tambourines, and ukuleles into the homes of those receiving hospice care, the Music Therapy Program helps individuals experience music on countless levels. While visiting a person with dementia, Fray discovered someone with a love for Motown. “A few minutes later,” Fray said, “everyone on the floor was singing ‘Hit the Road Jack’ and dancing—even the caregivers!” 

Your gifts to the general fund for Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix support the Invest in Us scholarship program, assisting staff members from all functional groups in advancing their education.

Banner Gateway Medical Center and Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center have joined forces through their general funds to support the Patient Assistance Fund and you can, too. Even the best health insurance policies don’t fully cover treatment costs and this patient assistance program helps with things like diagnostic imaging or radiotherapy costs, or even the purchase of a wig.

Add your support through the general funds for Banner Baywood Medical Center and Banner Heart Hospital and help increase the Licensed Nursing Assistant scholarship awards for team members from customer transport, culinary services, and environmental services.