Leaving a Legacy Through a Charitable Bequest


Leave a Legacy
Leave a legacy.

A charitable bequest is one of the easiest ways to leave a legacy gift to the Banner Health Foundation or Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation.

A bequest is simply specific language, expressed in your will or trust, that outlines your wishes to leave a gift after your lifetime to the causes and programs most important to you. You retain ownership and use of the assets today, while maintaining the option to change your bequest at any time.

All it takes to specify your intentions in your will or trust is engaging an attorney knowledgeable about state and federal laws governing wills, trusts and charitable gifts. You can specify a set dollar amount or a percentage of your total estate to go to the charitable organizations of your choosing.

Since a bequest is a promise of a gift to be made in the future, it does not impact your current savings or day-to-day spending. Most importantly, you can feel good today knowing that your legacy will help advance the Banner Health medical center, program, or area of care that matters most to you.

Bequests are the simplest way to provide for charitable organizations after your lifetime. Another common strategy is to designate charitable organizations as beneficiaries of your individual retirement accounts or unneeded life insurance policies. A variety of other sophisticated strategies can provide valuable options in financial and estate planning, while also creating a charitable legacy for you and your family. Our professional staff is happy to meet with you and your advising team to discuss options.  

To learn how you can make a charitable bequest or other planned gift to the Banner Health Foundation or Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation, email Pat Elder, Director of Planned Giving, or call her at 602.747.4485.