October is National Estate Planning Awareness Month


Planned Giving Lesson Book
It's October, National Estate
Planning Awareness Month, the
perfect time to make sure your will
or estate plan is in order.

This is the perfect time to make sure
your will or estate plan is in order

Many people overlook the importance of having a will or estate plan as part of their overall financial wellness. Also known as a “last will and testament,” a will is a simple, legally binding document that can distribute your property, name an executor, name guardians for your children, forgive debts, and more. Having a will means that you, rather than your state’s laws, decide what happens to your property and children upon your passing—making it a final gift to your loved ones.

While a will is important, a comprehensive estate plan contains much more than just your last will and testament. It should include a power of attorney, an advance directive, and, if you so choose, trusts for children and grandchildren, gifts for favorite charities, and even provisions for the care of your pets.

You will want to work with a qualified advisor or attorney to develop your will, trust or estate plan. To help you get started, the Banner Health Foundation offers free estate planning information. Download the free comprehensive estate planning kit that includes a lesson book to help you understand the benefits of smart estate planning and an electronic personal record book that you can complete and bring to your professional advisor to help create your estate plan.

We’re happy to help you start the planning process or answer any questions you have along the way. Feel free to contact Pat Elder, Chief Development Officer for Planned Giving, at patricia.elder@bannerhealth.com or 602.747.4485.