Partners in Wellness featuring Artisan Systems


Banner Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges Artisan Systems for supporting our annual employee giving campaign, Better Together, by matching our team members’ contributions to the Banner Academy. Their support will enable Banner Academy leaders to invest in infrastructure to better support the unique learning needs of its students. We recently sat down with their team to learn what inspired their support of Banner Health Foundation through the Partners in Wellness program.

What have you found impactful from supporting the health care system?

Artisan Systems fundamentally empowers people to connect with each other and their communities through technology. We believe that by supporting the health care system directly with technology and through the Banner Health Foundation, we can positively influence the health of our community.

How does this partnership reflect Artisan Systems’ philanthropic goals?

Establishing a healthy community requires leaders such as Banner Health to lead by example, educate with professionalism, and support with compassion. By supporting the Banner Health Foundation with resources to steward, some of the most urgent needs of our community are swiftly met.

What would Artisan Systems like to share with others considering investing in Banner?

At Artisan Systems, we believe that shared visions provide mutual opportunities for the greatest impact. It has been, and will continue to be, a privilege to support the Banner Health Foundation.

Want to learn more about Partners in Wellness or the Banner Academy? Get in touch with a member of our team by calling 602.747.4483 or emailing