Partners in Wellness featuring CopperPoint


Paula Bommarito, AVP, Enterprise
Brand & Community Strategy for
CopperPoint Insurance Companies
is pictured with Bill Southwick, Chief
Executive Officer, Banner Behavioral
Health Hospital.

Banner Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges CopperPoint Insurance Companies for its investment in youth behavioral health programs at Banner Behavioral Health Hospital. Their support benefits the Metro Phoenix area's uninsured pediatric population.

We recently sat down with the CopperPoint Insurance Companies team to learn what inspired their support of Banner Behavioral Health Hospital.

Describe the ways that CopperPoint has found meaningful impact in supporting the Banner Behavioral Health Hospital?

At CopperPoint, giving back to the communities where we live and work is the heart of our company. Banner Behavioral Health is rooted in the community to fully serve its health care needs. Our company finds shared purpose and meaning for serving the health care needs of the community.

How does this partnership reflect CopperPoint’s philanthropic goals?

We believe it’s our corporate responsibility to be actively engaged in the communities we serve. The strategic pillars of our Community Giving Program: Healthy Families; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and a Thriving Workforce align with the vital work accomplished by Banner Behavioral Health and its employees every day. They lead with compassion and skill, creating success one patient at a time. They believe the patient is the most important part of their team which is how we feel about our policy holders.

What advice can CopperPoint share with other corporations considering investing in Banner or health care, in general?

Banner Behavioral Health exceeds all expectations as a partner in serving the community. Their thoughtful delivery of health care and deep commitment to excellence in patient care is inspiring. Together, we are making a difference and you can too.

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