Partners in Wellness featuring Goodmans Interior Structures


Banner Health Foundation and Banner Alzheimer's Foundation gratefully acknowledge new gifts of $10,000 or more from corporations, foundations, and local community groups that have invested in our organization in the past year through the Partners in Wellness program.

We recently sat down with Goodmans Interior Structures to learn more about them and their support of our organization.

What inspired you to make this contribution of comfortable lounge seating for Respite Rooms at Banner Health medical centers?

Thinking about the stress of frontline health care workers battling COVID-19, we asked our friends at the Banner Health Foundation how these health care heroes relax and recharge between shifts. The next thing we knew, we were donating 36 lounge chairs for Respite Rooms at five Banner Health medical centers across Arizona!

As a board member and longstanding corporate donor to the Banner Health Foundation, what is your favorite program/event that you routinely support? Please describe its significance to you.

The Highest and Best Use Awards is an annual program where Banner Health leaders submit their best and most innovative program ideas in a competition a limited amount of philanthropic funds that we have available each year. These funds come from the interest earnings on the Banner Health Foundation’s assets and from unrestricted gifts. Brilliant physicians compete with talented nurses, compassionate social workers and innovative technologists to secure funding for their projects that wouldn’t otherwise be supported. The board of directors of Banner Health Foundation is challenged to prioritize requests and seek creative ways to stretch our dollars. The competition demonstrates how employees are inspired to fulfill Banner Health’s mission to make health care easier, so life can be better.

How does your support for the Banner Health Foundation align with Goodmans Interior Structures’ culture and goals?

We are a for-profit company with purpose that is greater than simply generating wealth for our owner. Goodmans is a B Corporation, a legal designation that means we exist to serve a public benefit. We have declared the community to be a stakeholder in our company in the same way our employees, customers and owner are stakeholders. We support the Banner Health Foundation because their impactful programs are an efficient way for us to pursue our own ambition to support the health needs of our community.

Want to learn more about Partners in Wellness? Get in touch with a member of our team by calling 602.747.4483 or emailing