Partners in Wellness featuring Valley of the Sun United Way


Banner Health Foundation and Banner Alzheimer's Foundation gratefully acknowledge new gifts of $10,000 or more from corporations, foundations, and local community groups that have invested in our organization in the past year through the Partners in Wellness program.

Valley of the Sun United Way recently granted Banner Olive Branch Senior Center $84,000 through their Mighty Change 2026 program to provide seniors in our community with access to healthy and nutritious meals. To learn more about them and their support of Olive Branch, learn what their team had to say.

What initially drew Valley of the Sun United Way to supporting Banner Olive Branch Senior Center?

Valley of the Sun United Way has a competitive grant process of searching for strong organizations who deliver great services that help to advance our Mighty Change program goals. Olive Branch’s work with older adults and food access are a great compliment to our plan.

What do you hope to accomplish through the Mighty Change 2026 program?

The Mighty Change program has a focus area around health, which includes a goal to reduce food insecurity by 50%. The lack of food access is a tremendous barrier to an individual’s overall health. Chronic food insecurity is also linked to chronic health issues such as diabetes and hyper-tension. Valley of the Sun United Way would like to rally the community and let them know that improving food access to individuals and families is an important way to improve health outcomes and provide a base for success in school and work.

What has it meant to your organization in supporting Banner Olive Branch Senior Center and the surrounding community?

Valley of the Sun United Way is honored to partner with Banner Olive Branch Senior Center. This amazing program improves health outcomes for older adults in the northwest valley and builds trusting relationships between individuals and supportive services. The work that Olive Branch does helps drive Mighty Change in the Valley of the Sun!

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