Partners in Wellness featuring Valley of the Sun United Way


Banner Health Foundation is grateful to Valley of the Sun United Way for supporting Banner Olive Branch Senior Center through their Mighty Change 2026 program. Their support provides low-income seniors in our community access to healthy and nutritious meals—a key component to maintaining good health.

We recently sat down with their team to learn what inspired their support of Banner Olive Branch:

What have you found impactful from supporting the health care system?

Valley of the Sun United Way has two bold goals of decreasing food insecurity by 50% and increasing access to affordable health care for 100,000 individuals in Maricopa County by 2026.  With other community-based organizations from our Health Coalition, we have successfully accomplished a short-term goal of supporting the emergency food system by providing 26 million meals to over 875,000 individuals in Maricopa County, including through Banner Olive Branch Senior Center, a major partner in this effort.  

How does this partnership reflect Valley of the Sun United Way’s philanthropic goals?

Valley of the Sun United Way leverages donations by serving as community consultants to “connect the dots” with other community-based organizations. We are very excited to be in lockstep with Banner Olive Branch Senior Center and are exploring opportunities beyond the Partners in Wellness initiative, such as the new community health worker occupational license and how community health workers can advance health equity in the communities we serve.

What advice can the Valley of the Sun United Way share with other corporations considering investing in Banner?

There is major social return on investment when corporations invest in our community, and it is time for all sectors of our economy to come together and work together to address health disparities and health inequities.

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