Room to Grow at Cardon Children's


You can help Cardon Children's
Medical Center create innovative
and creative spaces, as seen
through the eyes of a child.

At Banner Children’s, we understand what interests children, what frightens them and, most importantly, what helps them heal and stay healthy. Aligning with our excellent pediatric care model, it is our mission to design welcoming environments that promote healing and comfort during daunting, uncertain times for young patients and their families. And from the beginning, the design of the Cardon Children’s Medical Center has maintained a “through the eyes of a child” perspective. 

But there is still room to grow.

Room to Grow at Cardon Children's

Imagine you are seven years old, you are rushed to the hospital with what feels like a broken ankle, and you are about to receive your very first intravenous (IV) therapy. Or, you’re a teenager who is battling an autoimmune disease and receiving your 150th blood transfusion. Maybe you are a parent, protectively carrying your toddler with a respiratory virus through a series of tests. During this time of uncertainty, especially for a child, the hospital can be a frightening, daunting, and overwhelming environment.

Room To Grow - Treatment Room
To ease discomfort or difficulty 
for young patients, treatment
rooms need a little whimsy.

At Cardon Children’s, patient rooms maintain a home-like setting—a safe space for resting and healing. That's why, when that seven-year-old needs to receive an IV, or the teenager undergoes that transfusion, the procedure takes place in a treatment room, not in the patient room.

Going the Extra Mile

Treatment rooms are meant for procedures, especially those that can be uncomfortable or difficult for a pediatric patient, and to ease the discomfort or difficulty, treatment rooms need a little whimsy, decor that captures the imagination and provides a welcoming distraction, as seen through the eyes of a child. By going that extra mile for our pediatric patients with innovative and creative makeovers, frightening medical equipment can be concealed with artistic cabinetry and the hospital feel can be replaced with undersea adventures or outdoor landscapes.

Room to Just be Kids

An important piece of every child’s development is learning through play. Children need to explore their worlds through play, stretch their imaginations, and learn to make mistakes. Each floor at the Cardon Children’s facility was designed with dedicated space for this exact purpose, through playrooms.

Room To Grow - Play Room
Playrooms provide space for
learning through play.

Much like our treatment rooms, existing playrooms have the space, but need the creativity, imagination, and inspiration of a child. White walls can be transformed into a super hero’s hangout. Benches can be converted into a cozy spot to curl up and read a book. Research shows the immensely positive impact of a child’s environment in a clinical setting. The goal is to foster hope, positivity, room for play, and a sense of normalcy.

You can Help 

Banner Children’s treats more pediatric patients than any other health care provider in Arizona, delivering hope and healing when it is needed most—and often, to the Valley’s underserved, uninsured and underinsured. Taking care of the youngest and most vulnerable in our communities is an honor that also comes with a responsibility to be the very best in pediatric care.

But, we still have Room to Grow. And, we need your help to invest in creating spaces that will put our patients and families at ease, that will let kids be kids and inspire them to maintain hope and, most importantly, to help them heal.

Big or Small, Your Gift Makes a World of Difference

Room To Grow - Kids in the Playroom
Banner Children’s delivers hope
and healing when it's needed most.

Will you consider investing in this critical mission to ensure that every space and place our pediatric patients see and use and need for healing makes them feel right at home? Here are some ways you can apply your gift:

  • Treatment Rooms: Each treatment room will be completely transformed into a welcoming, comfortable, and imaginative space. Frightening medical equipment will be expertly disguised by clever artwork. White walls will come to life with bright, bold colors and, the anxiety of a child about to receive a treatment or procedure immediately dissipating.
  • Playrooms: The playrooms at Cardon Children’s Medical Center are meant to allow our patients to be kids, to explore through play, and escape the confines of their patient rooms. These spaces tap into the imagination of a child, becoming a superhero hangout, a hideaway in the jungle, or an underwater adventure.
  • Pediatric Outpatient Treatment Center: Many patients visiting the Pediatric Outpatient Treatment Center are facing the battle of their lives. Patients and their families can spend an entire day sitting in one room, waiting for the completion of the day’s treatment. They deserve an area worthy of warriors—brilliant color schemes, interactive art pieces, and state-of-the-art entertainment technology.