What We Do

As a nonprofit health care system, Banner Health is responsible and accountable to the community. Every dollar earned is reinvested in state-of-the-art patient care, technology, and medical facilities to meet the needs of our diverse communities. Charitable gifts help drive innovation, expand access to care, advance medical research, and support programs and services that make life better for the patients and families in our care. Two foundations support Banner Health:

  • The Banner Health Foundation secures and stewards charitable gifts to support patient care programs and services operated by Banner’s many hospitals and health care facilities in Arizona and Wyoming.
  • The Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation secures and stewards charitable gifts to advance the mission of Arizona-based Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, including groundbreaking research initiatives and pioneering prevention studies, family outreach, counseling and support services.

Please consult your personal advisor(s) on all legal, tax, or financial issues related to your gift or personal matters. Nothing contained on this website should be considered legal, tax, or financial advice. Content was not written nor intended for, and cannot be used for, the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties. For information about the specific tax benefits to which you may be entitled through your charitable giving, please consult your tax advisor or attorney.


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