Our Campaign

Be at the Heart of Health

The campaign to advance world-class care for all

A destination for living deserves to be a destination for health.

As Arizona and the Mountain West become ever more diverse, dynamic, and distinguished, the bar is raised for the quality of life expected – and deserved – by those who call it home. And nothing is more essential to our quality of life than the quality of our health care.

Banner Health is fast becoming the region’s leading health care provider, where people turn for complete care—from prenatal through end of life, from routine cancer and cardiology checkups to highly complex procedures. Banner cares for more lives than any other provider in Arizona and we’re covering more and more of those lives through our insurance plans and networks—offering improved quality, convenience, and lower patient costs. Home to world-renowned clinical talent, medical facilities, technology, and academic knowledge, Banner unites all of these in a bold vision for the future.


We envision a healthier future for our communities, one where every individual—regardless of their background—can access coordinated, world-class medical care provided by a deep bench of internationally renowned experts. From everyday family health to complex procedures to everything in between, the health care you need should never be far from home.

To make this vision a reality, we have launched the most ambitious and far-reaching campaign in Banner’s history. We have a powerful mandate to build on our strengths to make life better for patients and families. We must invest to expand and enhance our facilities, technology, and services, we must empower our medical teams to provide the most advanced treatments and the most compassionate care, and we must continue our groundbreaking research.

Our $250 million Be at the Heart of Health campaign is designed to realize the fullness of medicine’s promise for the benefit of our patients and communities. With the resources of the campaign, Banner will build nationally renowned health care right here – so that people of all means and walks of life can easily access the best care to live their best lives. Together, we will invest in:

  • Care. We will build the highest quality clinical care and community health programs in Arizona to serve our diverse communities and those who travel here for world-class care.
  • Innovation & Research. We will pioneer and scale vital solutions, deliver care in state-of-the-art medical facilities outfitted with the most advanced technology, and drive new ventures that improve access to and quality of care for everyone in our communities. We will expand our research enterprise to accelerate discovery across diseases and disseminate knowledge throughout the world.
  • Talent. We will attract top talent to practice medicine in Arizona, building a world-class clinical team while helping young people explore careers in health care to build the talent pipeline. We will cultivate a working environment that prioritizes the mental and physical well-being of our providers, empowering them to deliver the highest standard of care for their patients.

Only Banner Health is uniquely positioned at the intersection of place, purpose and potential.

But we cannot advance the future of world-class health care alone. An investment of this magnitude requires community participation as together, we create the kind of health care resources our state and region need and deserve. Philanthropic investment fuels this transformation at a pace not possible with health care systems’ razor-thin operating margins.

This campaign is by Banner, but it’s not about Banner. It is about you and all those we serve. Banner’s strengths provide a strategic foundation, and our vision provides a roadmap, but it is you and your support that will enable us to achieve our shared purpose.

Please join us on this transformative journey.

At the heart of life is health. And at the heart of health is Banner.

Areas to Invest

Within our three primary focal areas, we will invest in seven key areas that are fundamental to the future of world-class care. Each is essential to our quality of life — and represents an area of growing patient demand for services. The campaign will fuel growth and innovation in:

From Our Campaign Chairs


Dear Friends,

Delivering the highest quality of life is central to the work of Banner Health. All families have been affected by health concerns or crises—and thankfully we have Banner Health, a nationally recognized health network with world-class specialty care right here in Arizona.

We are proud to serve as chairs for Banner Health’s Be at the Heart of Health, a $250 million fundraising campaign to address the most critical health issues of our time. Over the next five years, Banner Health will determinedly address seven growth initiatives that will benefit our communities as well as contribute care, treatment, and cure advancements to the world.

Our family has been touched by health care issues that have moved us to get involved with Banner. One of those is the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, which is dedicated to finding effective treatments and cures, so we don’t lose another generation to Alzheimer’s disease. We are also committed to Banner Brain & Spine, which is finding new treatments for neurological disorders including stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors—some of the toughest challenges in medicine.

Banner Health cares for one in four Arizonans, is a health care destination for the nation and world and is committed to providing the highest level of care while leaving no one behind due to financial limitations or other barriers. We hope you will join us and other visionary donors in this campaign, contributing to the health care area that is most important to you and your family.

At the heart of life is health. And at the heart of health is Banner.

Campaign Cabinet

  • Mary Joy & Jerre Stead, Chairs
  • Kathleen & John Graham
  • Suzi & Steve Hilton
  • Craig Krumwiede
  • Debbie Lentsch
  • Dr. Susan Maisel
  • Steve Ortega
  • Andre Wadsworth
  • Sara & Bruce Ward

Members At-Large:

  • Anne Mariucci
  • Stephanie & Adam Goodman