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Anchored by the new Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale and Banner – University Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists in Phoenix, Banner Health provides the very best in comprehensive sports medicine through a team of primary care sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, concussion specialists and physician assistants. Our team approach to providing sports injury treatment and care across our integrated health delivery network means each patient has a dedicated group working together to help them recover from musculoskeletal injury and return to activities.

At Banner Health, we believe everyone with an active lifestyle deserves access to the same kind of care that professional athletes receive, regardless of financial or other barriers. A one-stop destination center for medical care and performance training, Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale goes beyond medical care to providing athletic performance training, a surgery center, physical therapy, imaging, a concussion center, nutrition counseling, and sports psychology services. These services are available to everyone, from Little League and youth soccer players to high school and college athletes, from professional athletes to active adults.

Beyond the Sports Medicine Center, Banner Health’s extensive network of outpatient clinics, urgent care centers, rehabilitation hospitals, and physical therapy sites will create the largest orthopedic and sports medicine delivery system in Arizona. With expert leadership and a team-based approach, Banner will deliver exceptional patient-centered care.

Catapulting Banner Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to national prominence requires philanthropic investment. Our goals are to ensure disadvantaged athletes have access to world-class care, educate our communities to prevent injuries, assist those most in need so they can participate in their chosen active lifestyle and sports, and foster innovation to develop leading-edge treatments. We are also working to recruit the finest talent to lead the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine program, cultivating a pipeline of physician talent long into the future to treat our nation’s finest athletes and active community members.

At the center of our priorities are the athletes in every one of us—especially those who are disadvantaged—who may have the talent and drive, but not the financial means, to access the finest treatment available. Philanthropic investment will allow Banner to scale its current offerings across our integrated health system, making this specialized care available to more Arizonans and residents of the Mountain West.

Click on the investment opportunities listed below for more details on specific initiatives:


Total Joint Center of Excellence
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
A center of excellence dedicated to total joint replacement will feature a multidisciplinary group of providers with a mission to help patients eliminate pain and restore the function of an arthritic hip, knee, or shoulder joint. The team will work closely with each patient to identify and diagnose their condition and customize an individualized treatment solution. Our expert surgeons will employ the most advanced and innovative techniques in total joint replacement surgery. We will also develop the technology and tools to track and report Patient Reported Outcomes Measures to ensure each patient’s goals are met.

Sports Medicine Patient Assistance Fundstrong
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
Athletes are the heart of sports medicine. Ensuring all athletes—no matter their economic background—have access to leading-edge treatments at Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale is a vital component of this program designed to serve and care for our communities. Patient assistance funds will help qualifying patients with out-of-pocket costs for care and needed services, ensuring that every athlete can receive quality care and support.


Sports Medicine Injury Prevention Education in Schools
Initiative Goal: $3,000,000
Educating young athletes about how to prevent injuries is vital to our mission. The Game On: Young Athletes Injury Prevention Education Fund provides preventative care through three distinct assessments proven to reduce injury and promote participation in sports. Sports physicals, ImPACT Assessments, and Fusionetics performance and injury risk assessment are the gold standard of preventative care for youth athletes. With support from the Game On Fund, Banner Sports Medicine will partner with the Arizona Interscholastic Association and school districts across Arizona to schedule on-site sports physical outreach events focused on injury prevention. Philanthropic partners are essential for this work because of regulatory laws preventing a health care provider from rendering free services.

Sports Medicine Technology, Equipment & Innovation
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
Becoming a destination Sports Medicine Center includes offering state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and the most innovative therapies, including a biomechanics lab, strength training and conditioning equipment, specialized cameras for motion analysis, and concussion and brain injury research. Investments in technology, equipment, and innovation will ensure the Center always has the latest equipment and technology and can readily access new-to-market offerings.

Banner Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Greatest Needs Fund
Unrestricted gifts of every size are vital in supporting a range of needs across Banner Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, both today and in the future. These flexible funds allow Banner Health to respond to emergencies, develop innovative solutions, and leverage additional philanthropic investment from individual and institutional funders to advance patient care and programs. Your gift to this unrestricted fund will help advance world-class orthopedic care throughout Arizona and the southwest well into the future, leaving an enduring legacy of caring for our communities.

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Residencies & Fellowships in Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Subspecialties
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
Highly sought Residency training program positions give Arizona medical school graduates and graduates of top schools around the nation four to five years of hands-on training in Arizona, increasing the likelihood they will live and practice here. After residency training is complete, Fellowships give physicians the opportunity to acquire the sub-specialty knowledge, clinical judgment, and literature evaluation skills necessary to practice sports medicine and recruit nationally renowned medical talent to Arizona. Banner Health proposes to establish endowments to support new clinical Residencies and Fellowships in key orthopedics and sports medicine subspecialties, to help us recruit and train the best and brightest new practitioners in the field.

Endowed Leadership Positions in Sports Medicine
Initiative Goal: $3,000,000 each
Endowed leadership positions are a hallmark of institutions that put an emphasis on the highest levels of medical care, education, and research and are one of the most prestigious honors bestowed on a physician. These positions help to attract and retain the most talented physician and research leaders and enhance the reputation of the organization, which then helps to attract other renowned clinicians and staff. Endowed chairs also provide an important source of sustainable funding for physician leaders to advance their specialties.

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