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Encompassing neurology, neurosurgery and spine care, Banner Brain & Spine provides the most advanced care for patients facing some of the toughest challenges in medicine. Patients benefit from clinical excellence, world-renowned neurosciences talent, the most advanced care, and access to the latest innovations in surgery and treatment. Banner Brain & Spine is the only true academic medicine neurosurgical department in Arizona, giving patients access to best-in-class treatments founded in evidence-based research. As the Banner Brain & Spine name attests, the alignment between neurosurgical and orthopedic spine specialists means that every patient has access to the full range of care they may need, all provided in a collaborative setting.

Building on our excellence in stroke care as recognized by the Joint Commission, we now need to make unprecedented investments across our neurosciences programs to turn our full vision for Banner Brain & Spine into reality. Your partnership is crucial to our success. Through the Be at the Heart of Health campaign, we will expand on the excellence we have already achieved with strategic new investments in clinical programs, innovation, recruitment and retention of top talent, and unparalleled multidisciplinary programs to ensure that well-coordinated, world-class care is available and accessible right here in Arizona.

The mission of Banner Brain & Spine is to offer world-class, innovative, data- and evidence-driven neurological and neurosurgical care for problems of the brain and spine. This newly named division houses both the neurology and neurosurgery departments, each encompassing multidisciplinary centers and programs. Philanthropic investment will allow Banner to scale its current offerings across our health system, making this specialized care available to more Arizonans and residents of the southwest and mountain west.

Click on the investment opportunities listed below for more details on specific initiatives:


Comprehensive Spine Center
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
This Center provides comprehensive care for all spinal disorders, bringing together advanced surgical techniques, minimally invasive spine procedures, trauma and reconstruction, spinal robotics, augmented reality, pain control, and rehabilitation with specialists in surgery, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and pain medicine. Philanthropic support is needed to further develop our comprehensive spine center to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, advanced surgical equipment, and expand patient access to care. Care will include non-invasive treatments, surgical intervention if necessary, and lifestyle modifications with the goal of improving quality of life.

Neuro-oncology Multidisciplinary Brain Tumor Program
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
This program will bringing individualized care to patients with all types of tumors of the brain and spine, uniting specialists in neurosurgery, neurology, neuro-oncology, radiation oncology, neuropathology, genetics, and clinical trials. This multidisciplinary approach gives patients coordinated care from a team of specialists all working together to deliver the best possible health outcomes.


Stroke Program
Initiative Goal: $3,000,000
Stroke is a leading cause of serious long-term disability. Research shows that the use of stroke systems of care and stroke care quality improvement programs can improve health outcomes. A system-based approach to stroke care promotes the coordination of services along the continuum of prevention and care. Resources are needed to support essential program quality improvement initiatives, including health risk assessments, patient education, community emergency medical services, continuing medical education opportunities for care professionals, research and trial studies, system quality tools, incorporation of artificial intelligence, and post-acute care coordination.

Multidisciplinary Epilepsy Program
Initiative Goal: $2,000,000
With the recent addition of a functional and epilepsy neurosurgeon to support Banner’s growing epilepsy program and strong demand epilepsy services, investment is needed to replace the current surgical equipment and upgrade software to maximize the number of patients treated and enhance the quality of their care. Organized around a multidisciplinary epilepsy conference, the program evaluates seizure patients for inpatient monitoring, candidacy for implantation of invasive epilepsy monitors, and advanced treatments such as laser ablation of epileptic foci, responsive neurostimulation, surgical amygdalohippocampectomy, and vagal nerve stimulation.

Advanced Brain Center
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
Advancing the field of brain surgery takes highly focused effort that involves uniting specialists in basic science, neurosurgery, engineering, artificial intelligence, neurology, oncology, and many other fields to take on the many challenges which yet remain. The Advanced Brain Center will support teams in identifying the field’s most significant problems and then developing the most innovative methods to solve them. The Advanced Brain Center will specifically favor both tackling major challenges and pursuing innovations that aim to advance the entire neurosciences field.

Brain Tumor Clinical Trialist
Initiative Goal: $600,000
The clinical trialist facilitates research studies that test how well new medical approaches work in people. Philanthropy will support three years of supplemental salary support in order to advance new methods of screening, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of brain tumors including bringing cutting edge research trials to Banner Health.

Neurosciences Research Coordinator
Initiative Goal: $300,000

Clinical research allows physicians and scientists to develop a better understanding of diseases. Armed with this knowledge, they can then identify new and more effective methods of detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention—all of which benefit disease sufferers. The Neurosciences Research Coordinator monitors the progress of research activities; develops and maintains records of research activities, and prepares periodic and ad hoc reports, as required by investigators, administrators, funding agencies, and/or regulatory bodies.


Banner Brain & Spine Greatest Needs Fund
Unrestricted gifts of every size are vital in supporting a range of needs across Banner Brain & Spine, both today and in the future. These flexible funds allow Banner Health to respond to emergencies, develop innovative solutions, and leverage additional philanthropic investment from individual and institutional funders to advance patient care and programs. Your gift to this unrestricted fund will help advance world-class neurosciences care throughout Arizona and the southwest well into the future, leaving an enduring legacy of caring for our communities.


Neurosciences Academic Fellowships
Initiative Goal: $3,000,000 per fellowship (endowed)
Fellowships give physicians the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, clinical judgment, and literature evaluation skills necessary to practice medicine in specialty and sub-specialty areas. Permanently endowed fellowships provide critically necessary training for physicians pursuing in-demand neurological subspecialties in Neurosurgery, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Chiari, Hemifacial Spasm, Epilepsy, Stroke, and Spine. Fellowship training programs, developed in alignment with our Complex Disease Management programs, and will complement both Banner and Arizona’s unique physician demand. Endowment funding will help make Banner a desirable fellowship destination for the best and brightest physicians who are training to be leaders in the Neuroscience specialties.

Subspecialty Physician Support
Initiative Goal: $5,000,000
To build a comprehensive neurological program, Banner Brain & Spine requires super subspecialty physicians that fall outside the normal pay structure and can be expensive to employ. Neuro-oncology, endovascular, and ENT (ear, nose, and throat) surgeons are very specialized and in high demand; Banner has historically had a difficult time recruiting these specialties because of compensation constraints. Philanthropic support of newly recruited physicians for the first few years of practice will help us recruit and retain an excellent caliber of new talent to the Brain & Spine team.

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