Banner Brain & Spine

Neurological disorders are one of the leading causes of disability across the world and more than 1 billion people are living with mental health disorders—creating a tremendous burden for those suffering and for society at large.

But hope is on the horizon. The neurosciences are undergoing a seismic transformation, with stunning advances in research and technology that are producing promising new approaches to neurologic diseases. Banner Health has united key neurosciences programs under a new umbrella, Banner Brain & Spine, which includes neurology, neurosurgery, and spine care. For patients facing some of the toughest challenges in medicine, our expert providers are leaders in the field, providing the most advanced diagnosis and care and contributing to groundbreaking research for all neurosurgical conditions, including aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, cavernous malformations, brain tumors, epilepsy, nerve pain, Chiari malformation, spine diseases of the neck and back, and many other conditions.

Philanthropic support for Banner Brain & Spine fuels innovation and helps propel discoveries—all to benefit patients here in Arizona and to advance the broader neurosciences field. Generous gifts of all sizes support program expansion and greater access to care, the education and training of neurosciences professionals through residency and fellowship positions, and research initiatives that carry the promise of yielding groundbreaking medical discoveries to give patients the best chance for a cure.