The Home Away From Home Campaign

And the Patient Housing Assistance Endowment

Assistance for patients who travel great distances seeking hope

Home Away From Home
Help provide a home away from
home for patients—a bit of comfort
and relief—during the fight of
their lives.

Because recognition for its leading-edge treatments and novel clinical trials continues to grow, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center is treating more and more patients who travel greater distances for care. For these cancer patients and their supportive caregivers, the cost of adequate housing during treatment becomes a significant concern.

Patient Navigators and Social Workers who work diligently to connect patients with resources are finding there simply aren’t enough resources available. In addition, they are discovering unsettling stories about patients sleeping in cars, in dangerous or unsanitary areas of town, or, in the case of stem-cell transplant patients, well outside of the safe distance required post-transplant. And some patients forego treatment altogether due to lack of housing.

The Patient Housing Assistance Endowment represents another tool for bridging the gap between what families can pay and what they need, to ensure a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads during cancer treatment. These funds will help patients afford the housing that is located for them, including:

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Stem-cell transplant patients who must stay within a 15-minute drive from the Cancer Center for three to six months depending upon the type of transplant. Banner MD Anderson performed 60 stem-cell transplants this year and the growth trajectory for this life-saving procedure continues to multiply. Transplant patients must have a caregiver with them 24 hours a day, which means lodging is also required for a family member or friend.
  • Patients participating in one of 80 clinical trials currently underway at Banner MD Anderson. The clinical research program draws national attention and patients are coming from all over seeking hope. Overnight stays in the hospital or daily treatments at the Cancer Center for extended periods of time are required for many clinical trials, like the CAR-T Cell immunotherapy trial, for which Banner MD Anderson is one of only a handful of participating research sites in the country.
  • Patients receiving daily outpatient radiation therapy for one to two months.
  • Newly diagnosed leukemia patients who must immediately begin a one-month hospital stay followed by a 25 to 30-week cycle of both inpatient and outpatient therapies.
Home Away From Home

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You can play a direct role in easing a significant burden for patients and families—providing a home away from home, a bit of comfort and relief, during the fight of their lives. 100% of donations are used for patient support, with eligibility determination and disbursements managed by the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center Finance Office.