Tell Your Banner Story

Tell us about your experience.

There is no better way to show how meaningful charitable gifts are to Banner Health than by sharing stories of real patients who have benefited from our many programs. Would you like to share with us your experience at a Banner Health medical center? Whether you or a loved one was the patient at the time, we would be honored to hear how Banner Health made life better for you and your family. Please email us your story in your own words following the instructions below. We will then contact you to discuss where, how and when we might publish your story.

You can submit your information by including the following details in an email to Banner Health Foundation:

  • The short version or the long version of your story, whichever you prefer to tell. 
  • Your name, email address, and phone number.
  • A completed HIPAA release form.
  • The name of the Banner Health facility where your experience took place. 
  • A photo that relates to your story.