Partner in Wellness Spotlight Susan Anable



Get to know Susan Anable, Phoenix Market Vice President Cox Communications, West Region. Susan has been with Cox Communications in various roles since 2001. Prior to joining Cox, Susan spent 10 years on the Arizona State Senate Research Staff, serving as Staff Director and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Analyst when she left to join Cox in 2001.

She is currently serving her second term as Public Affairs Chair and Board member of the Greater Phoenix Chamber and served as Chair of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board from 2018 – 2020.

She is a former President and member of the Phoenix Suns Charities Board and serves on the Cox Charities Board. In 2015, Susan was named to the Banner Health Foundation Board of Directors.

Q. What motivates you to become philanthropically involved in projects at Banner Health?

A. I love that Banner has so many initiatives and critically important efforts to improve health care and contribute to the wellness of our community. There is something Banner is doing to advance health care that connects with everyone. I personally connect with Banner’s innovative and progressive cancer treatment at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center and the new pediatric oncology and blood treatment center at Banner Children’s Medical Center. My family has been impacted by cancer and believes the work Banner is doing in this space is critically important to our community.

Q. In what ways have you found meaningful impact in supporting the Banner Health Foundation?

A. Seeing the progress that Banner has made on its important initiatives is the most gratifying part of my service on the Foundation board. Knowing that the funds that are raised are making a big difference in treatment and research by Banner adds exponential value to my service on the board. I am so grateful to be a small part of this important work.

Q. What advice can you share for other companies who are looking to make a difference in the community?

A. While there are many ways for companies to contribute to their community, the important thing is to choose a focus area and commit to it. Companies can commit with money, but also with volunteerism by their employees. At my company, the employees are eager and willing to engage with their time and resources to support the critical needs of our community. For us, the work that Banner does is significant to our community and, more importantly, to many of our employees in Phoenix who have needed Banner’s services.