Partners in Wellness featuring Cerner


Banner Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges Cerner for supporting our youngest patients through Banner Health Foundation’s signature fundraising events, the Pulse of the City Soiree and the Banner Children’s Open. Cerner’s support helps ensure a bright future for Arizona’s children facing illness or injury.

We recently sat down with the Cerner team to learn what inspired their support of the Banner Health Foundation.

Describe the ways that Cerner has found meaningful impact in supporting the Pulse of the City Soiree and the Banner Children’s Open?

Our partnership with the Banner Health Foundation is rooted in the community they serve and in the providers and staff that provide exceptional care. By supporting efforts at the Pulse of the City Soiree and other events throughout the year, our company finds shared purpose and meaning for making health care easier. We show particular attention to the Pulse of the City Soiree as it aligns well with our focus on making life better for everyone involved in the health care experience.

How does this partnership reflect Cerner’s philanthropic goals?

Our charitable and philanthropic work is rooted in creating an equitable world where individuals and communities thrive, thus, aligning with the Banner Health Foundation is a natural fit. As we look to support efforts in our communities, we target efforts focused on health, the impact of health events inside the home, and at the health care heroes who deliver care and services within the community.

What advice can Cerner share with other corporations considering investing in Banner or health care, in general?

Our experience in working with the Banner Health Foundation has been nothing short of amazing. They have taken the time to help us understand how our support translates to the frontline workforce, and they have always been gracious in working directly with our teams to encourage team level participation in community events and care delivery support. Working directly to impact health care remains deeply personal for many of our team members. Having the ability to support Banner Health though these events is an easy way to take a personal role in making life better for others in our community.

To learn more about Banner Children’s Open or the Pulse of the City Soiree, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 602.747.4483 or emailing