Partners in Wellness featuring Little O’s


The holiday season is upon us and while many of us are celebrating and reflecting on the past year, our health care heroes continue to show up every day with perseverance and dedication to keeping our communities safe. We are grateful for Little O’s support, which has made a significant impact to help keep our frontline workers healthy, well and energized for the challenges ahead this holiday season.

We recently sat down with their team to learn what inspired their support of the Banner Health Foundation.

Describe the ways that the Little O’s has found a meaningful impact in support of Banner Health nurses during the holiday season
We all know how hard nurses work and what they mean to families who have loved ones in the hospital, so it is important for us to make sure they feel seen. Setting some time aside to decompress after a tough shift, or just relaxing on a day off is something we wanted to help Banner nurses with. Additionally, donating gift cards so they can have food and drinks is such a tiny gesture in the big scheme of things, but it's something we wanted to do as a thank you for their hard work, which goes unseen a lot of the time.

How does this support reflect the Little O’s culture and supporting the community?
We love our neighborhood and our community and without them we are nothing. It is our absolute pleasure to give back to the community who help support us as well.

What advice can you share with other restaurants considering a gift or partnership with Banner Health?
It is never a bad time to give back to those in your community.

To learn how you can support our health care heroes, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 602.747.4483.