Partners in Wellness featuring NexCore


Banner Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges NexCore for supporting our youngest patients through Banner’s signature fundraising events, the Pulse of the City Soiree and the Banner Children’s Open. NexCore’s support through these events helps ensure a bright future for Arizona’s children facing illness or injury.

We recently sat down with their team to learn what inspired their support of the Banner Health Foundation.

Describe the ways that NexCore has found meaningful impact in supporting the Pulse of the City Soiree and the Banner Children’s Open?

NexCore is pleased to be a sponsor for Banner Health Foundation events. Part of our mission as a company is to contribute to the communities we serve. We were very moved and touched by the powerful impact the Pulse of the City Soiree has on Banner’s youngest patients. The Banner Children’s Open golf tournament is always a great way to give back, while having fun and interacting with the Banner team on the golf course.

How does this partnership reflect NexCore’s philanthropic goals?

NexCore contributes a significant portion of our income each year to serve the communities where we own and develop healthcare properties. Our goals align perfectly with the Banner Health Foundation’s, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

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