Partners in Wellness featuring Sonora Quest Laboratories


Banner Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges Sonora Quest Laboratories for their support of the Valley Fever Center for Excellence and an emerging pilot program known as the Middle Age Brain Clinic. A joint initiative of Banner – University Medicine and the UA College of Medicine in Tucson, the Valley Fever Center fosters education, research and best clinical practices with the goal of addressing problems caused by the fungus, Coccidioides, the cause of Valley Fever. Two-thirds of all Valley Fever infections in the United States occur in Arizona, mostly in the urban areas surrounding Phoenix and Tucson. The Middle Age Brain Clinic is a new research pilot that will focus on individuals in middle age (35 to 65 years) who want to lower their risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias by addressing modifiable risk factors at an age where the benefits would be most significant.

Companies, foundations, and government agencies that generously support nonprofit Banner Health with an annual philanthropic investment of $10,000 or more are given the distinction of Partners in Wellness. Their gifts to the Banner Health Foundation and/or Banner Alzheimer's Foundation have a significant impact on patients and the broader community, supporting a wide variety of care programs, supportive services, medical research, community health education, and more.

Learn what inspired Sonora Quest Labs’ support for this unique program in this interview:

Describe the ways that Sonora Quest Laboratories finds meaningful impact in supporting the Valley Fever Center and Middle Age Brain Clinic at Banner Health.
Identifying Valley Fever and Alzheimer's disease can be difficult; however, screenings and early detection are vital in helping people get the necessary treatments and stopping progression. Both the Valley Fever Center and the Middle Age Brain Clinic are making great strides to provide the research and individualized care needed. Together, Banner Health and Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona (SQL/LSA) are a great team in making health care better. SQL/LSA is proud to partner with Banner, our parent company, to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

How does this support reflect Sonora Quest Laboratories’ goals and funding priorities?
For years, SQL/LSA has donated 1% of its operating income to support the communities that support us—from food banks to transportation and heart health to cancer. As SQL/LSA focuses on our 2024 goal to “Innovate to Advance Health & Well-Being,” we are especially proud to support the vision of the Valley Fever Center and Middle Age Brain Clinic.

What does Sonora Quest Laboratories seek to achieve with its charitable giving?
SQL/LSA is dedicated to driving exceptional customer value across the continuum of care, especially for our most vulnerable communities. One of the ways we are doing this is by collaborating with community organizations across the states we serve, like the Banner Health Foundation, to raise awareness and support effective treatments. By pooling resources, we can provide our communities with access to networks, financial assistance, and education they need to enjoy a quality life.

To learn more about the Valley Fever Center for Excellence and the Middle Age Brain Clinic, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 602.747.4483.