Partners in Wellness featuring State Farm


Banner Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges State Farm for their support of Banner Health’s Safety Town program, a free mobile educational tool that teaches practical safety and injury prevention to both adult and child audiences. Safety Town is delivered through hands-on experiences with the goal of decreasing severe injuries and injury-related deaths to promote healthy lives.

We recently sat down with the State Farm’s team to learn what inspired their support of the Banner Health Foundation.

Describe the ways that State Farm has found meaningful impact in supporting Banner Health’s Safety Town program.
State Farm appreciates the education that the Safety Town program provides youth to help keep them and their families safe. Our support of this program has allowed employees to get involved, volunteer, and give back in our community.

How does this support reflect State Farm’s culture and goals and funding priorities?
State Farm is committed to promoting safer, stronger and better educated communities. Safety Town focuses on auto and home safety, which aligns well with our company’s mission to help people manage the risks of everyday life.

What advice can State Farm share with other corporations considering a gift or partnership with Banner Health?
State Farm aligns our charitable giving with programs that match our company’s goals and vision. We are a proud partner with Banner Health and their Safety Town program, helping make our communities a safer place to live.

To learn more about the Safety Town program, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 602.747.4483.