$150,000 grant supports Banner Telehealth


Banner Telehealth
A $150,000 grant to the Banner
Telehealth program makes it
possible for patients affected by
COVID-19 to receive care through
secure technology.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Banner Health is now meeting health care needs by expanding telehealth services: technology that supports safe and effective delivery of care for both the patient and the health care provider.

A local foundation recently awarded $150,000 to the Banner Health Foundation to support the Banner Telehealth program and its rapid deployment in hospital rooms outfitted for COVID-19 patients. This funding makes it possible for patients to be cared for and to interact with their health care team through cameras and speakers installed in their hospital room, allowing physicians and nurses to both monitor and assess the patient without physically entering the virus-exposed area.

This innovative way to treat COVID-19 patients can significantly improve conditions and outcomes for both patients and providers. Physicians and nurses can have direct personal connection to their patients for timely assessments, physician-to-physician consultation, and even participate in patient-family meetings. And, because this technology removes geographic barriers, patients can benefit from the medical expertise of Banner specialists across multiple hospitals from one remote location.

Telehealth also reduces providers’ risk of exposure to COVID-19, thereby reducing the chance of community spread, and conserves Personal Protective Equipment.

Thanks to this generous grant, 125 patient rooms designated for COVID-19 will be outfitted with this secure telehealth technology.

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