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Music therapist with Banner Hospice fulfills a musician's dream


Banner Hospice and Pete

A singer, songwriter, teacher and performer, Pete spent 60 years building a full life around music. With a last wish to play his instrument again, Pete’s dream was fulfilled through weekly sessions with Banner Hospice’s only music therapist, Tammy Reiver.

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Patient Assistance Fund is a lifeline for those facing their biggest challenge


Patient Assistance Fund

Imagine your retirement: Enjoying precious free time after decades of hard work, diligently saving money, making travel plans. Now, picture an alternate experience happening to individuals in our own community: Receiving a cancer diagnosis, realizing that even the best health insurance policies don’t fully cover treatments, and depleting life savings to battle the disease.

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The BIG Outside at Cardon Children's Medical Center


The BIG Outside

The BIG Outside is now open at Banner Children’s at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, offering activities to help children keep their minds off treatment or receive rehabilitation therapy outdoors.

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Donor Gifts to Considine Hematology Research Fund Matched Dollar-for-dollar


Hematology Research Fund

The Banner Health Foundation announced a matching gift opportunity to support cancer research at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in the area of blood cancer clinical trials. To advance promising research in this area, R. W. Considine generously committed a $500,000 matching gift to establish the first Hematology Research Fund at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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Rollover your IRA for good



If you're like most people receiving annual income from an IRA, you want to help reduce your tax bill each year. A great way to save on your taxes while supporting the causes and programs important to you is by rolling over part or all of your required minimum distribution, or RMD, to a charity like the Banner Health Foundation or Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation.

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