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Mobile screening is like a house call for seniors


Banner Olive Branch Senior Center and Board of Visitors

As part of an innovative house-call plan offered through the Banner Olive Branch Senior Center, seniors in Sun City and nearby communities received a variety of health screenings and tests by medical professionals as well as the Olive Branch Benefit Checkup Screening that reviews available social services and discounts from a range of 85 different county, state, and federal options. Funded by a grant from the Board of Visitors, the mobile screenings were conducted in partnership with Banner Occupational Health.

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Using your IRA to achieve your charitable giving goals


Gift of an IRA to Banner Health

If you’re at least age 70½, you can use the IRA Charitable Rollover to make a tax-free gift to the Banner Health Foundation or Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation. The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act enacted on January 1, 2020, brings significant changes to individual retirement accounts that may affect you and your beneficiaries.

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Young patients find healing in Wellness Warriors blend of ancient wisdom and martial arts



A fresh approach to helping kids manage chronic illness blends ancient wisdom and martial arts to encourage healing and positive self-awareness. Designed to uplift pediatric patients and their families, Wellness Warriors is now offered at Cardon Children’s Medical Center through the gift of philanthropy.

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New program helps pregnant and new mothers recover from substance use disorder



The first of its kind in Arizona, the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for Women & Infants will utilize an interprofessional team of physicians, nurses, behavioral health specialists, and social workers to treat and support pregnant women and new mothers struggling with addiction.

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When it comes to their health, a good defense is a strong offense for kids



As part of an innovative, preemptive program funded through philanthropy for Arizona's kids, fluoride varnish is applied once every six months, when primary teeth start coming in, to combat tooth decay and build good overall health.

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