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Patient Housing Assistance Endowment helps cancer patients


Patient Housing Assistance Endowment

Lodging is a particular concern for patients and families who travel great distances to receive care at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center and must stay near the Cancer Center for lengthy periods of time—often at great personal expense. The Patient Housing Assistance Endowment, a permanent fund established by the Banner Health Foundation, helps ease this burden for patients and families.

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Gifts that provide you with income


Charitable Trusts

Charitable trusts are an ideal way to convert highly appreciated assets, such as real estate or stock, into a lifetime income—without having to pay capital gains or estate taxes—while providing a meaningful benefit to a charity such as the Banner Health Foundation or Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation.

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Gifts to Hospice Music Therapy matched by the Fines


Banner Hospice Music Therapy

You can help build a permanent endowment to support Music Therapy for Banner Hospice patients with a gift that is matched 50 cents on the dollar by Banner Health’s President & CEO, Peter S. Fine, and his wife, Rebecca Ailes-Fine.

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Donating Real Estate to Charity


Donating Real Estate to Charity

Do you want to make a major gift to the Banner Health Foundation or Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation without touching your bank account? Consider giving a gift of real estate. Such a generous gift provides meaningful support to Banner Health, and can be directed to the medical center, program or area of care that matters most to you.

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Music touches the heart of a retired entertainer


Banner Hospice Music Therapy Program

Performing with the stage name D, this spunky little lady was a professional singer during the big band era, singing with Buddy Rich, Benny Goodman, and several other band leaders. Now in a group home under the care of Banner Home Care & Hospice, D was becoming increasingly angry at losing control over her life. When a care giver suggested music therapy, D refused. That changed when Kristen entered the scene. A music therapist recently added to the Banner Hospice Music Therapy team, Kristen began playing "A Sentimental Journey" and suddenly, D was smiling, singing, and even laughing.

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